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Destiny Church

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our official website on behalf of the entire congregation of Destiny church for all nations.

It is God who has ordered your steps here into His presence where there is fullness of joy (Psalms 37:23; Psalms16:11).

we are convinced that your joy shall be evidently fulfilled today in Jesus Name.

This church is an offspring of a vision delivered to his servant in which the Holy Spirit said, THIS PLACE (MINISTRY) SHALL BE FOR THE RECOVERY OF DESTINIES AND EVERYONE IS BORN WITH A DESTINY.

In this place, therefore testimonies of those that have there destinies unleashed abound.

Yours is next in line in the Name of Jesus Christ.

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What to Expect?

This the place for fellowship and empowerment,this it's the place your discover,develop and deploy your destiny

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Our Vision

What We Do

Recovery Community Services

This is the arm where we deal with Substance misuse and Alcohol treatment as we partner with Government Agency, this is the work we will be doing in this institute when it's fully kick off,this it's just a skeletal operation right now.

Our Training Arm - Champion Bible School

This it's the training arm,where you are trained in the bible school for you triumph like the Army of Abraham Genesis14:1414-16 and to help you locate your path in destiny Joel2:7-8.

Literature Arm

This is where you can get the latest books published by the ministry which cam be accessed by clicking here

Church Arm

This is the church arm for the ministry which are: Destiny Church for All Nations London and Destiny Church for All Nations Washington DC

Our assignment as a ministry is to help you discover the destiny you are born with and to fulfil it in grand style.

Our Team


Please meet the leadership team for Destiny Church for all Nations International

Pastor Dr. Adebo Tomomewo

Founding Pastor

Pastor (Mrs) Hyelazira Tomomewo

Resident Pastor - Destiny Church London

Pastor David Jack

Assistant Pastor

Minister Wanda Lofton

Minister-in-charge Destiny Church for All Nations Washington DC

Minister Celia Chambers

Minister at Destiny Church for All Nations Washington DC

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